Tips for Pumping Breast Milk

If you plan on leaving your little one at any point during their first year, and want to offer them your breast milk from a bottle, you need to start pumping. We highly recommend starting to pump between 2 – 4 weeks old, because your supply is still regulating to baby’s demand. Beginning pumping during this time will tell your body that you want/need to produce more milk, which will help support a healthy pumping schedule so your baby’s needs are still met, and that storing milk doesn’t compromise their ability to be fully fed from the breast.

This will depend on your unique circumstances, but as a general rule, we want your supply to be regulated to include pumping sessions so you can avoid being the sole person responsible for feeding your baby. This will also be what allows you to offer breast milk from a bottle, if that is something you value. If you are okay with offering formula (which is a great alternative), you don’t need to worry as much about pumping.

Pumping can feel daunting at times because there is so much equipment, time spent pumping, stress over supply and so much more, but if you plan ahead and prepare, you can make your pumping journey much easier.

So how do you actually pump successfully? 

  1. Find the pump that works for you. Do your research, check with your insurance, talk to friends and choose something that works best with your lifestyle.
  2. Extra parts will be your best friend. No one wants to be sleep deprived, leaking milk and washing pump parts multiple times a day.
  3. Buy extra flange sizes. Your nipple size can change during nursing, so having a bigger size can keep you from scrambling if you need them.
  4. Look up hacks like the refrigerator method and decide if they work for you. 
  5. Make sure to have bottles and pump parts cleaned before the baby is born. Some babies don’t latch well, and if breastmilk is a priority for you, you’ll want the option to feed it right away. 
  6. Schedule the time ahead of time. Pumping is time consuming. If you’re exclusively pumping, you may need help with your baby at various points during the day. If you pump at work, you’ll want to make sure to have that time scheduled so you aren’t stressed trying to fit in during your time working. 

Starting your pumping journey can feel overwhelming but before you know it, you’ll be in a groove and you’ll find the rhythm that works for you. 

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