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Sleep is a basic human needfor babies & parents alike.

It is important to build the foundation for healthy sleep from birth. It is my belief that getting your baby consistently sleeping through the night isn’t something that happens by chance. It takes planning, consistent commitment to a way of life, and hard work. It is not always easy but I assure you it is entirely possible to get your child to sleep through the night by 8-12 weeks old, without “sleep training” or “crying it out”.

The Full Feedings Method® focuses on a few main things – full feedings (duh!), limiting daytime sleep and getting baby to sleep by their Optimal Wake Time (OWT), so they don’t become overtired in any period. I use flexible monthly guides to age-appropriately manage these three “ingredients” daily, so 12-hours of nighttime sleep is consistently possible, without having to “sleep train” or “cry it out”. By feeding your baby fully, on-demand, within an age-appropriate routine, you will easily establish and maintain consistent nighttime sleep.

If it sounds simple, that’s because it is. I believe infant & toddler sleep are often unnecessarily overcomplicated and I believe by taking a needs-based approach, we are easily able to establish & maintain the consistent nighttime sleep we all need. Yes, sleep is a basic human need and something we need to normalize and prioritize from birth, for babies and parents alike.

Getting consistent nighttime sleep is something I believe will help children live to their fullest potential, and take parents from barely surviving, to thriving in their personal and professional lives.

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My goal is to help parents make deliberate choices that lead to consistent nighttime sleep for their child.

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