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Feed baby fully, on-demand, within a routine.

It is important to build the foundation for healthy sleep from birth. It is my belief that getting your baby consistently sleeping through the night isn’t something that happens by chance. It takes planning, commitment to a daily routine, and hard work. It is not easy but I assure you it is entirely possible to get your child to sleep through the night by 12 weeks old…

My method is very simple. Establish full feedings. Follow the daily routine. Repeat until sleeping through the night and continue. Ok, so there is a little more to it than that, but those are the basics. If you do nothing else, feeding your baby fully each time you sit down to feed will get you a long way towards nighttime sleep.


Human beings thrive on routine, and babies are no different. I call it a daily routine (and not a schedule) because routine provides room for flexibility. Flexibility provides room for communication. By following the daily routine, you open a line of communication with your baby, where they know what to expect, and you gain an understanding of their needs in any given moment. You will always feed your baby when they are hungry. Routine does not mean you ignore your child’s needs in favor of the clock. Routine simply provides you with the framework and confidence to know that your child’s needs are met and this is one of the main ingredients for getting them to sleep through the night.

Learn How to Set Up A Daily Routine

My goal is to help parents make deliberate choices that lead to consistent nighttime sleep for their child.

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