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Meet Ann
Founder of full feedings®

I live in Bucks County, PA with my 3 children. I founded full feedings® because I was tired (no pun intended) of seeing parents accept sleep deprivation as “normal” in parenthood and thinking the only way to achieve sleep was by “sleep training” (it’s not).

I’ve always loved to sleep and my biggest fear in becoming a mom was the “inevitable sleep deprivation” E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E scares you about. When my first baby was born in 2015, I knew I had to figure out how to sleep…for my mental, physical, and emotional health. 

My a-type nature led me to believe I’d be a “sleep training / cry it out” mom, but as soon as my daughter Frankie was born, I knew I could never leave her to cry. I made it my mission to figure out how to get my daughter sleeping, as quickly as possible, without compromising her in any way. I wanted to be able to support her fully, but I also wanted both of us to sleep because I knew it was a basic human need required for us to thrive in our lives. 

Sleep was is important to my well being before children, but I was just supposed to accept that it was “normal” to never sleep again? I was supposed to accept there wasn’t anything I could do to work on sleep? Was I supposed to accept that barely surviving in my life was ok?

Once I emerged from my newborn cocoon (with a consistently sleeping baby Frankie), I found a world of parents with like aged littles who WEREN’T sleeping. Parents who were holding on by a thread, barely surviving in their lives, both personally and professionally.

While this shocked me, what shocked me even more was that parents weren’t trying to do anything about it. They accepted sleep deprivation as normal despite feeling emotionally exhausted, mentally drained, physically sick, and unable to complete basic self-care tasks to manage their own lives

THIS IS NOT NORMAL and I believe the way any of us feel with inadequate sleep is enough proof that long-term sleep disruptions aren’t something we should just accept, in parenthood or in general.

This common sense idea and my unwillingness to accept status quo in infant sleep is what led me to start helping other families sleep in a natural way.

Through research, following my maternal instincts, and my wonderful doula Jen, we were able to achieve consistent nighttime sleep by 8 weeks old, without shedding a single tear, without compromising Frankie in any way and with the utmost confidence my daughter’s needs were fully met.

The feeding / nap routine I established naturally led to the consistent nighttime sleep which led to a happy, healthy, thriving baby who consistently slept, night after night, so long as we made age-appropriate changes to her routine to align with biological norms.

At Jen’s urging, I knew I had to share my gift of sleep with the world, and after my twin sons Tommy & Teddy were born in 2018, I decided to publicly start helping families sleep via The Full Feedings Method®.

I created The Full Feedings Method® to offer parents an alternative to traditional sleep training, with a “no cry-it-out” needs-based approach to infant & toddler sleep that can be safely implemented from birth and/or started at any age, as long as baby is still napping. I have spent the last several years helping thousands of families all over the world achieve consistent nighttime sleep, by simply ensuring their baby’s food and sleep needs are consistently and age-appropriately met. This is how we naturally establish nighttime sleep.

I want to make a full night of sleep possible to any parent who wants it and help parents go from surviving to thriving in their personal and professional lives.

The Full Feedings Method® has quickly become the go-to approach for infant & toddler sleep because:

    • it works
    • it can be safely implemented from birth
    • it allows you to hold / support your baby always
    • it works equally as well for breastfeeding babies as it does for bottle feeding babies
    • it is truly a NO CRY IT OUT method
    • it’s baby-led, parent-directed (so you have the most control over the things you can control WITHOUT compromising your baby)
    • it gently works to meet your baby’s needs in the daytime hours, to align with light / dark cycles and support human biology, so that your baby can naturally sleep when they are ready to.

Do you feel like you’ll never sleep again and like there is nothing you can do to change that?

Wouldn’t it be great to be filled with hope that sleep is possible for your baby & learn how to support your baby’s sleep from birth?

Wouldn’t it be great to see exactly what an age-appropriate feeding & sleep routine looks like? One that supports your baby’s natural biology and leads to sleep.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone spelled out 3 simple steps that could be implemented from birth or at any age, that supported sleep naturally and alleviated the need to sleep train your little one?

Wouldn’t it be great if this was all offered at a price you could afford, with options for email support and phone support from a team of mothers who had been in your shoes before?

Wouldn’t’ it be nice to make deliberate choices that lead to sleep for your family? 

If this aligns with what you value in your life, check out my menu of offerings for infant sleep, toddler sleep, 1:1 consulting, and breastfeeding & bottle feeding programs.

I cannot wait to help your family sleep naturally and get back to thriving in your life.

We rely on “word of mom” to spread the NO CRY IT OUT sleep. You can read some of our amazing testimonials here and here, but also head over to our Instagram where you will find 10 highlights of testimonials from parents who have found success with our method! 

Sleep is the basis of our overall health & wellness, and we must challenge the status quo of sleep deprivation in parenthood. I believe The Full Feedings Method® will revolutionize the way we approach infant & toddler sleep and change the way we support new parents from birth. 

I have a BA from Mercyhurst University, am a member of the Association for Professional Sleep Consultants, a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist®, and someone who believes in offering practical and realistic feeding and sleep support that aligns with families values and support parents in the world we currently live in. 

In addition to myself, I have 3 amazing mamas that work with me to support parents. Meet Kelly, Sara, & Kate!!

Here’s to the beginning of the end of your sleepless nights in parenthood…

We looking forward to helping your family sleep!

“I believe in offering practical and realistic sleep and feeding support that aligns with families values and supports parents in the world we currently live in.”

Ann Marks, Founder