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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Full Feedings Method?

The Full Feedings Method is a way of life that focuses on a few main things – full feedings, limiting daytime sleep and getting baby to sleep by their optimal wake time so they don’t become overtired. I use flexible monthly guides to implement these three things daily and at every age, so 12-hours of nighttime sleep is consistently possible.

When should I sign up or do a private consultation?

We recommend a month before your due date but you can start anytime before your baby turns one (infant) or stops napping (toddler).
The sooner the better, to get you sleeping!

Is it too late to start The Full Feedings Method?

No! You can use our programs anytime before your baby turns one (Infant) or stops napping (Toddler). If your baby is over the age of 6 months and has never slept through the night, we highly recommend getting some level of email and/or phone support so we can help guide you to a full night of sleep.

Can I use The Full Feedings Method if my baby has reflux/colic?

Yes, it is still possible to get your baby to consistently sleep through the night with reflux/colic. If there are specific issues you foresee with getting full feeds, we recommend signing up with email support to start so we can help support your unique circumstances to achieve consistent nighttime sleep. Keep in mind you will need some extra patience and a willingness to help your baby to sleep when dealing with reflux/colic.

Can I use The Full Feedings Method if I’m Exclusively Breast Feeding (EBF)?

Absolutely! You can use The Full Feedings Method no matter how you feed your baby. We have had success with breastfed babies, bottle fed babies and combination fed babies! The most important thing is that baby is fully fed, no matter how you choose to feed.

How long does it take to see results?

This will vary based on the baby’s age but we typically expect to see *some* results start to show within a week or so of consistently following the program.

I just started and things feel like they are getting worse?

We’re so sorry you feel that way! We do recommend trying anything new for at least a week before deciding if it’s working or not. If it doesn’t get better after a few weeks, please reach out to us so we can help figure out what’s going on and get you sleeping!

Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes. For Infant Online Programs, subscriptions renew until cancelled via email at hellosleep@fullfeedings.com.
Cancellation can be requested after 3-month minimum is met.