The Full Feedings Method® isn’t sleep training…

…it's a way of life!

If you follow @fullfeedings on Instagram, you have heard Ann say that we don't consider The Full Feedings Method® to be “sleep training”, and that's because meeting your baby's needs fully doesn't require any type of training! Traditional sleep training usually involves some level of cry it out, which we have found can actually slow us down from achieving consistent overnight sleep. Yes, helping your baby to sleep should get your baby to sleep through the night faster than cry it out! (Check out Sara's blog explaining how holding your baby can actually help get them to sleep through the night.)

This method was created to meet your babies needs fully in 12 hours, so they don't need you for 12 hours over night. We just need to make sure your baby is fully fed throughout the day, consistently asleep by age-appropriate Optimal Wake Time (OWT) and not sleeping too long and the sleep overnight should naturally follow. Yes, it is that simple! There is nothing that needs “training” and we don't expect your infant to have to learn to do anything. This is not a strict schedule but a routine that you can flow through with your baby! This is why we encourage families to start the method from birth, so you can ease your baby into a routine by showing them the way.

Traditionally “sleep training” involves some level of cry it out, and having to wait to start it until your baby is closer to 4 months of age. The Full Feedings Method® encourages you to start from birth, while always comforting your baby should they need it…basically the complete opposite of what you have been told infant/toddler sleep is about!

The Full Feedings Method® works for breast fed babies, formula fed babies, and babies with reflux. We really haven't met a problem that we can't help to solve to make sleep a reality for every family! We can help to make your families unique schedule a part of your infants routine even if they are in daycare or being taken care of by a nanny. Whatever you think your obstacle is to getting your baby to sleep through the night, we can try to figure it out. Guess what? You can even feed your baby to sleep, if that's what you want!  Want to hold your baby to contact nap during the day but sleep on their own at night? You can, and we can help get you there! We do not expect you to stay home all day to get your baby to sleep in the crib, you can do naps on the go, as Ann always says the nap is more important than how your baby gets it.

Getting your baby to sleep at night does not always mean massive changes to what you want and/or what you are currently doing…it usually just requires a few small tweaks and we will see big results.

We want you to guide your baby in the direction towards overnight sleep by taking the lead and showing them the way. We never compromise our babies needs in favor of sleep, but it's ironic that when we show baby the way (by consistently meeting their needs fully), the sleep naturally comes.  We want you to control what you can control, be flexible with the things we can't control, and the sleep will fall into place. As you saw in Sara's blog, you know what’s best for your baby and you should show them that you do. If you don’t feel like you know what you are doing, refer to the OTHER INGREDIENTS of your program and reach out for email support, as needed. Sleep is a biological human need and we LOVE helping families sleep!

There is no exact timeframe for “when” consistent overnight sleep happens once you start The Full Feedings Method® but we have found the closer you stay to the age-appropriate monthly guides, the faster you will achieve consistent nighttime sleep. We can start at any age and work with you until you have a toddler that isn't napping anymore! We have got you covered, fam!

If you are not yet a member, and are still suffering from sleepless nights with your baby or toddler, we would love for you to join our family and get the much needed sleep we all need (& deserve) with no crying involved.