Optimal Wake Time for Infants Without Sleep Training

The key to great naps, happy babies, and nighttime sleep.

Optimal wake time is something that is often overlooked when managing a baby’s day, yet it is a vital ingredient to getting your baby to nap well.

So what is optimal wake time? It is the ideal time a baby can stay awake at one time without becoming overly tired.

Optimal Wake Time also ensures baby is getting enough daytime sleep which is crucial to getting a full night’s sleep.

Here are a couple of wake time related tidbits that are important to remember:

  1. Wake times can vary from cycle to cycle throughout the day for the same baby
  2. 5 minutes can make all the difference
  3. Watch for sleep cues at the beginning of Optimal Wake time window, and put baby down when you see them
  4. If you don’t see sleep cues, put the baby down 10 minutes before the end of Optimal Wake time window
  5. If you hit Optimal Wake Time for your baby, they will go down easy, sleep a full nap, and should wake up happy