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Meet Sara Hayes-Patel

My name is Sara and I live in Brooklyn with my daughter Ekta and my husband.

I am a former teacher and I currently work in educational technology, in addition to working with Ann for full feedings®.

When my daughter was born in May 2021, I suffered from Postpartum Depression (PPD) from pretty much the moment she was born. I started using another popular sleep program right away and found that it was so rigid it made my depression worse and kept me from trusting myself as a mom.

A friend of mine was using The Full Feedings Method® with her son and I looked at Ann’s Instagram and I had a gut feeling it was the right choice for us. With the program, my daughter started sleeping through the night quickly and I was able to trust myself as a mom and work with my daughter to make sure her needs were being met.

After seeing how well it worked for my own family, I knew I wanted to help other parents achieve sleep, as it was essential for my mental, physical, and emotional health.

I support parents daily via The Full Feedings Method® and offers 1:1 sleep consultations.

To book a consultation with me, please use our contact form or email hellosleep@fullfeedings.com for more.

I would love to help your family achieve sleeping without “sleep training” and without crying it out.

“Prioritizing everyone’s sleep can minimize the risk of mood symptoms and allow for an easier, more fulfilling postpartum period.”