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Meet Kelly Neuhs

Kelly Neuhs, RN, BSN, ACLS, CNOR, CBS, is a mother to two wonderful daughters, Josephine & Elouise, living with her husband on Long Island. As a registered nurse, she knew she needed to sleep in order to function in a fast paced hospital environment, but also knew CRY IT OUT could never work for her. Thankfully, she found The Full Feedings Method® and both of her girls love sleep as much as their mama and started sleeping through the night by week 6. This allowed her to take on two jobs and function fully while doing both!

While working with Ann, she discovered one of the biggest sleep obstacles family’s face is lack of knowledge surrounding feeding, both breast and bottle and how feeding issues can get in the way of achieving consistent nighttime sleep.

This lead both her and Ann to become certified in lactation to support parents with practical and realistic feeding advice that embraces their values, works in their lives, doesn’t compromise their mental or physical health, and promotes their basic human need of sleep.

Kelly supports parents daily via The Full Feedings Method® and offers 1:1 sleep, breastfeeding and bottle feeding consultations.

And to book a consultation with Kelly, please use our contact form or email hellosleep@fullfeedings.com for more.

“Prioritizing everyone’s sleep can minimize the risk of mood symptoms and allow for an easier, more fulfilling postpartum period.”