How to handle naps on-the-go

Naps on the go can be challenging and some babies do better with them than others. I know everyone says that all babies sleep in the stroller and car seat, but that isn’t always the case. However, there are things you can do to help your baby sleep better on the go. 

  1. Leave with enough time for your baby to fall asleep by their Optimal Wake Time (OWT). Just like with rocking and self-soothing in the crib, we don’t want to leave at the same time we want them to fall asleep. Overtired babies can have trouble sleeping no matter where they are and on the go sleep is no different. In order to help keep them from trying to fall asleep while overtired, we suggest leaving 15-20 min before the end of their OWT, so they have time to fall asleep. If you know your baby takes longer or shorter to fall asleep, adjust and do what works best for them! 
  2. Shorten the nap before extending their awake window. If you need to leave to be somewhere at a certain time, we always suggest shortening the nap before keeping them awake longer. It’s okay if you need to wake your baby after a 30 min nap, you can always add in a catnap if you need to, it’s better than waiting 30 extra minutes to put them to sleep! 
  3. Trying different modes of transportation if you can. My daughter never napped in the stroller, but she did great in the carrier the first few months. If your baby won’t nap one way, try something else to see if it works for them! 

Having a baby can be stressful and getting fresh air is so important for everyone. We really encourage you to take some naps on the go and do what you need to. 

Remember, each nap is a new opportunity to get your baby to sleep by OWT. If you’re out one day and you have a day of less than ideal sleep, relax and don’t worry. Maybe the next day you spend a little more time focusing on getting your baby to sleep by their OWT. 

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