Beginning Your Breastfeeding Journey

Congratulations on your new baby! While this is such an exciting moment, it also comes with its own unique challenges and learning experiences. 

If you are able to breastfeed and you choose that path, it can be a very physically and mentally draining experience. As a mom who breastfed for 18 months (and pumped for when I was at work), I know how challenging the realities of this decision can be. 

*Although this blog is geared towards breastfeeding moms, please know at Full and Fuller Feedings, we support all ways of feeding your child. Our main goal is to make sure babies are fully fed and moms are doing what is possible and makes the most sense for them. This journey is so specific to each individual, and we support and encourage all types of feeding. 

Tips for beginning your breastfeeding journey:

  • Research your insurance options. As mentioned above, insurance will provide a pump but they may also provide a Lactation Consultant and other benefits. (If you have an FSA, many products can be found on their website using pre-tax dollars)
  • Bring in any support you can. If you have a partner, friends and/or family who are willing to help, let them! Not only are you taking time pumping milk, all of it needs to be cleaned and it can be really overwhelming.  Hospitals have lactation consultants and seeing one early, can help you figure out positions to make it less painful and more efficient. 
  • Ask for help. In the beginning, everyone wants to help, let them! 
  • Rest when you can.
  • Take warm showers, air out your boobs and soak with a saline wash to keep everything clean. 
  • Eat and stay hydrated. You’ll be eating more than you ever could’ve imagined and thirstier than you’ve likely ever been, so keep food and water nearby at all times. 
  • Get a Haaka or a catch cup to wear on one side when you nurse. Leaking milk can be saved for a bottle later!
  • Be prepared. Make sure to have bottles and pump parts cleaned before baby is born. Some babies don’t latch well, and if breastmilk is a priority for you, you’ll want the option to feed it right away. 
  • Schedule the time. Pumping is time consuming. If you’re exclusively pumping, you may need help with your baby at various points during the day. If you pump at work, you’ll want to make sure to have that time scheduled so you aren’t stressed trying to fit in during your time working. 

Wherever this journey takes you, you are doing the best for yourself and your baby.

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To feeding well,