Welcome Kelly & Sara to The Full Feedings Family!

Introducing 2 amazing mamas to my family…

Dear mama,

I'm Kelly Neuhs and I am thrilled to be a part of the Full Feedings family. My daughter Josephine (Phine💗) was born on September 24, 2020. My husband TC and I moved from Manhattan to Long Island ten days before she was born. It was wild! The first two weeks of motherhood were honestly hell. At week three, I started The Full Feedings Method and within three days I had a completely different baby.

I was so terrified while I was pregnant about how I would be able to manage working without sleep. I am a registered nurse and work in an incredibly fast paced operating room. Mistakes in my field have serious consequences and can really impact other people's lives. The anxiety was real. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Ann on Instagram while I was pregnant. She was talking about her method and how she has been able to get thousands of babies to sleep 12 hours a night without ever letting them cry. Whenever someone told me I should sleep now because I will never sleep again, I would comfort myself by thinking about how Ann said that wasn't true. So at week three when I felt like my kid had done nothing but scream at me I started following Ann's plan. Best decision I have ever made!

Phine started to sleep 12 hours at the end of week six! I went back to sleeping my usual 10 hours a night😴. (I know that's crazy) This was so easy for myself and my family. I tell everyone to do it. I have the happiest and easiest going baby. I contribute a lot of that to the fact that she is never over tired or hungry. Don't make motherhood harder than it already is. We want to help you sleep! Let us!


Dear mama,

Hello, my name is Sara Hayes and I’m so excited to be joining the Full Feedings Family. 

I’m a first time mom, my daughter, Ekta (Unity in Hindi) is 6 months old.  I live in Brooklyn with my daughter and husband, Aankit. My husband and I started using this method when our daughter was about one month old. As a working mom, I was very focused on sleep when she was born. My obsession with sleep, coupled with baby blues, quickly turned into postpartum depression. In the beginning, we were using a very rigid sleep program that didn’t allow for any flexibility and didn’t give me the chance to learn who my daughter was and what she needed. 

A few weeks into the rigid program, I knew in my heart this was not the right path for us and that I would not feel better if I continued to follow something that had me questioning my instincts as a mom. 

One day while escaping my depression by scrolling on Instagram,  I found a post from Ann that said “every nap is a new opportunity to get your baby to sleep by their OWT” and another that said “hold your baby mama.” And I knew I had to give this a chance, so I signed up that night. 

I found The Full Feedings Method to be so incredibly helpful not just because my daughter started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks (with a dreamfeed) but because Ann gave me the confidence to be a mom to my daughter. I was no longer afraid to rock her when she needed it. I knew if she woke up “early” from a nap, all we had to do was restart the cycle and her day, and mine, would continue from there. There were no “ruined” days because naps were short, no moments of having to wait until a certain time to feed a hungry baby, just a really supportive guide that gave me the confidence I needed to be a mother to my daughter.

Over time, I began to feel more connected to my daughter and I was able to start taking some time for myself to exercise, since her sleep schedule was generally predictable each day. This allowed me to find parts of my pre-mom self and I began to feel like my own person again. 

The Full Feedings Method has been such a game changer for my family. Is it hard work to commit to sleep? Yes. Did we stay home a lot the first few weeks after she was born? Yes. But now my daughter gets the sleep she needs everyday and wakes up with the biggest smile on her face when I go into her room every morning. 

Together, Ekta and I, used The Full Feedings Method to create those healthy and independent sleep habits she needed in a gentle and loving way, and I look forward to helping your family do the same.