Stop justifying lack of a basic human need (sleep) to parents!

Why infant sleep needs to be normalized from birth.

Ladies, let's real talk for a minute…can we pleeeeeeeease stop justifying and normalizing lack of a basic human need to mothers?

I'm talking about sleep. Something that no human being can live without. Something that is necessary for the mind and body to recharge. Something that helps the body remain healthy and fight off disease. Something that is needed for the brain to properly function. Something that is need ed for mental health. Do I need to go on?

I believe our society has somehow glorified lack of sleep as a “right of passage” into motherhood. Memes about extreme exhaustion and years of sleepless nights spread on the internet like wildfire. And while I'm certain this is an attempt to bond together over a common problem, it baffles me that hundreds of thousands of parents simply accept they will never sleep again and justify it as “normal”…


Stop accepting that sleepless nights are normal.

Stop letting people make you feel guilty because you see & value the necessity of sleep.

Stop thinking you have to wait until a certain age to work on getting your baby to sleep.

Stop thinking you can't breastfeed AND get your baby to sleep.

Stop thinking that infant sleep means CRY IT OUT and withholding love, because that couldn't be further from the truth.

Stop allowing people to tell you it's biologically “normal” for your baby to wake you up all night long.

Stop buying into the denial of your (and your baby's) basic human need of sleep to survive.

I realize there isn't a lot of information out there about infant sleep, and this is likely why people don't know how easy it is to get your baby to consistently sleep through the night by 8 – 12 weeks old, WITHOUT CRYING IT OUT.

I created The Full Feedings Method because I found infant sleep to be so easy when the focus was on meeting baby's food and sleep needs fully from birth. This isn't sleep training, it's a way-of-life that you can and should begin from birth. It's gentle. It's loving. It's flexible. It's easy to implement.

I have made The Full Feedings Method easy to understand and super affordable to any family who chooses to prioritize their basic human need to sleep. I want infant sleep to become the rule, and not the exception, and I won't stop until that is a reality…

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