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Meet Kate Long

Hi I’m Kate and I am so happy to be a part of the full feedings team! I live in Florida with my husband Kyle and our two daughters, Frankie (2yo) and Sloan (3mo) and our fur baby, Bear.

I started using The Full Feedings Method® pretty early on with my first daughter and she was sleeping through the night at 10.5 weeks old. Our second has been a bit more challenging due to a cows milk protein allergy that took us far too long to discover but has thankfully started sleeping through the night (knock on wood). While both littles have been vastly different experiences from a feeding and sleeping stand point, we have tried to utilize the FF routines to meet our girls needs.

The Full Feedings Method® has helped me find time to recharge myself, whether it be a nap or a workout. I’m so grateful for Ann’s help and support throughout both my kids feeding and sleeping journeys.

I look forward to helping get you and your babies sleeping!

“Prioritizing everyone’s sleep can minimize the risk of mood symptoms and allow for an easier, more fulfilling postpartum period.”