Let’s Go Home for the Holidays!

Hi Fam,

The holidays are fast approaching, and now that you have a child, going home for the holidays may be a bit more stressful. Don't worry, we can help make going home for the holidays more joyous! I am beyond lucky that I don't have to travel too far for the holidays, but I have taken my daughter on many successful overnight weekend adventures and flights. If you need to fly home for the holidays, make sure to check out Sara's blog, found HERE! It is all about how to set yourself up for success when taking your baby on plane ride!

Alright, let's strategize going home for the holidays with a baby:

  • Let's make a list and check it twice!
  • Create a travel plan, and share it with whoever is lucky enough to host you and your family!
  • Get your car ready for a journey!
  • Take a deep breath and let go!

The week before your trip make a list of everything you should need for your baby and yourself while you are away. You can make separate categories for everything you should need for all things EAT PLAY SLEEP. Don't forget to sit down and think about what you will need as well.You are important too! Take that list and send it to your partner and your friends with kids to make them check to ensure you aren't forgetting something. Don't hesitate to ask whoever is hosting you to pick up a few things for you, to make your travel easier and lighter. My parents love to have an extra stack of diapers and wipes at their house and don't mind taking small essentials like that for my daughter with them. It is one small thing I now don't have to think about while staying at their house.

Regardless the distance you are traveling, you should create a travel plan for you and your family. This should include what time you are leaving and if you need to make any stops along the way. We would obviously love for your baby to sleep the entire car ride but that isn't always an option. If you are planning your travel around a nap I would highly suggest giving yourself a head start and get in the car at least 30 minutes before you want your baby asleep. The car can be a very exciting place and it could take that long to adjust and fall asleep. As we always say, the nap is more important than how your baby gets it. If you are traveling a long distance it could help to leave around bedtime so your baby can sleep most of the ride. Remain in contact with whoever you are staying with and work with them to have your baby's sleep space prepped and ready. When you arrive at your destination there is no need to rush out of the car, let whoever is available help you set up your baby's sleep space and walk your baby through the house with as little stimulation as possible.

Things to bring in the car:

  • A bottle and a thermos with hot water. You can very quickly heat up whatever milk your baby is drinking by submerging it in hot water.
  • Toys! Anything that could distract your baby even if temporarily. I always save a new toy for a long car ride.
  • An iPad! I know they are controversial at points, but in the car they could really help to keep everyone happy!
  • Portable white noise machine.The secret sleep initiating weapon!
  • A safe carseat cover. Something that will provide some darkness while also being loose and breezy.
  • Snacks if your baby is old enough!
  • Patience! You are going to make there, I promise!

Whether you are staying with your family or your in laws, they are so excited to have your baby in their house. Help them, help you have a great time, so you want to keep going back! Fill them in on your travel plans and any area they could help you be more successful. Like I said earlier, ask them to have your baby's diapers and a new pack of wipes set up in the same room as your baby's safe sleep space in their house. Explain to whoever is hosting you what your routine is and how they could get involved and help. When I stay with my parents, they are early risers and they always offer to take my daughter in the morning, so I could sleep in, it is glorious! If you are staying for a few days ask if you and partner can head out for date night while your baby is with your family. If you are a member, we have The Grandparent Guide located in OTHER INGREDIENTS section of your account, check it out and show your child's grandparents!

The most important part of all of this is to take a deep breath and let go! Traveling is stressful, but it is  worth it to spend time with family! If things get off track, don't stress, you can get right back on track when you get home. Oh and one more thing, if you are traveling and there will be a time difference, Ann just updated the OTHER INGREDIENTS > HOW TO CHANGE TIME ZONES OR CLOCKS. It should really help to alliviate any stress around adjusting to a new time zone for your baby!

To sleeping well,

P.S. If you’re not yet a member, you can learn more about The Full Feedings Method Infant Online Program HERE. Let’s make today the beginning of the end of your sleepless nights, mama!